Animal Resource Management

16466 Bernardo Center Dr Ste 283
San Diego, CA 92128-2533
Office: 619-596-9404

  • Track pertinent information such as dates, funding sources, etc.
  • Manage authorized and used quantities for each species
  • Record and manage personnel assigned including phone numbers and training
  • Document notes about study's purpose, conditions, and restrictions

Click here for Protocol screen shots

In the protocol module, you record the basis for using the animal resource. Use the easy-to-follow tabbed dialogs to enter

  • General protocol information, such as title and funding sources
  • Authorized quantities for each species
  • The procedures to be performed
  • The Primary Investigator and other personal assigned, including phone numbers
  • Notes about the study's purpose, conditions, and restrictions
  • Notes on planned or necessary care*
  • Copies of any desired supporting documents

* These are general veterinary notes only; for more detailed tracking of actual veterinary care, use the supplemental Veterinary module.