Animal Resource Management

16466 Bernardo Center Dr Ste 283
San Diego, CA 92128-2533
Office: 619-596-9404

  • Order and receive animals in accordance with requirements
  • Generate Receiving Schedules and Delivery Reports
  • Produce cage cards easily and quickly
  • Receive animals directly into census data file

Use the Animal Module to order and receive the animals needed by the protocol. You can create detailed orders to ensure you're getting the appropriate animals. If you've already created an animal order for a similar protocol, you can copy that information into a new animal order quickly and easily.

Each order includes vendor information so you know exactly who is supplying the animals. You can even fax a completed order directly to the vendor for faster, more efficient service.

You can track the progress of your orders and know immediately if an order is overdue, before the animals arrive. You can print cage cards and delivery schedules at any time.

After the protocol is complete, archive the animal order. That way, if you need to create a similar protocol in the future, you have the exact records of the type and number of animals you'll need.