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ARM Support Agreement
(Effective January 1, 2019)

The ARM Support Agreement provides complete on-line support utilizing Citrix Go-To-Manager. Support covers all bug fixes and program enhancements made during the agreement period as well as advice and assistance on using the delivered software and software changes.

Additionally, a monthly check-up is included which covers:

1. Printing and analyzing the Error Log for unreported problems
2. Checking the database files
3. Running the database validity checks

This agreement does not cover feature requests or customization; feature requests and customization are estimated and billed at our prevailing standard rates.

The annual cost of the Support and Maintenance Agreement is based upon the level of service provided. See the ARM Pricing document for details.

  • Full ARM System - $ 58,330.00
  • Core ARM System - $ 25,120.00

The cost of the Support and Maintenance is billed annually on the anniversary date. For those wishing to pay quarterly, we will bill on a quarterly basis with 10% added to cover the billing fee.

Customers not utilizing a Support Agreement are billed $1,100 per hour per incident with a 2 hour minimum. Software updates performed during any incident are billed at the prevailing costs (see the ARM Pricing for details).